Wallys Adventure MLG Edition [360 Drain punch] [720 Close Combat] [Leaf Blade OP] [Swords Dance like a pro!]

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Wallys Adventure MLG Edition [360 Drain punch] [720 Close Combat] [Leaf Blade OP] [Swords Dance like a pro!] Empty Wallys Adventure MLG Edition [360 Drain punch] [720 Close Combat] [Leaf Blade OP] [Swords Dance like a pro!]

Post by Wally on Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:36 am

Hallo Chaps..... this might be the most mlg fanfic you will ever read. Based Off of Brendan telling me what my life would be like in 8 Years

"So are you regulars here? said my Rival Brendan

"No" Said xxx_sWaMp_DweLLer_xxx

"The Ferry To MLG island is now Taking passengers, please board to the left"

"Hmmm that voice sound familiar" i said to my self

"Huh?" Said brendan

"Brendan, Can You stop being such a fucking Easesdropper" I said to him

"Fine you hardscoper"

I boarded the Ferry, not expecting to see someone that i would not expect to be here

"Hello Everyone This is your Cap.... Oh! hello Wally!

"STEVEN! What are you doing here you fucking sellout" me and brendan yelled

"uhhhhhhhhhhhhhq you to have "grown" a lot since i last saw you two, and who's your friend over their?"

"Hello! i am xxx_swamp_dweller_xxx And who are you?

"Steven Stones, The best Captain EVER!"

I decided to go to my cabin. it was peacefull until that hardscoping AWP n00b came in

"Ugh its going to be such a hassle having to share a cabin with an asshole like you..."

"What did you say M80?????"

"nothing you little brat... now go do something where i can get away from your Aura"

"Fine..." i decided to go to the skydeck and man, this place was So Hugh! that the SS Anne could've been one of its lifeboats! It even had a Quickscope deck! i decided to sit down and play some 911 Simulator until i heard someones voice behind me......

"This better be worth the Money i get" someone i haven't seen in a while has said

"wait do i know you???" i said to whoever was under the mascot costume. I Pulled its head off and found out to be someone who i would've never expect


"Great! you found me! Now leave me alone Fucktard!" as Waldo jumped off into the waters

"Well.... that was quick...... anyways i should get myself something to drink...." i said as i walked to the refreshment bar"

"Sorry kid, this bar is for People who are 21 and older"

"I am 21....." i said as a held up my ID

"hmmmm sorry about that young man, Go ahead!"

I walked in to know that those Guards are Just Dumbasses, fine i admit it, I'm not 21 But hey! my birthdays tomorrow so I'm only off by one day!

"Wait? WALLY! i haven't seen you in a while!" said a familiar voice

"Wait... what?"

"Its Me! Zinnia!"

Wait? Aren't You dead from trying to doom the earth you Fucking scrublord!"

"Ehhhh no... so what can i get you?"

i then heard some people saying that a drinking game was happening. i quickly rushed over  to my surprise that the prize was a Knife with some fancy paint. i quickly signed up

*1 hour later*

Uggggh, that was the worst decision i ever made, i codnt ramander me name, i didn't knew wot to do, lucky brendan was their to guide me back to the cabin, i went to the bathroom and puked for a while. sad thing is, i failed.

"Eur mai Arceus! This only your first time you got wasted and you spend it All on trying to getting a virtual knife!" he said mockingly

"Shut up Brendan! atleast i don't get rest by 6 year olds that can't even Snipe!" I said in defense.

"Uggh fine just shut up and go to sleep! i have a big day tomor-

"And what are your big plans?"

"uhhhhhhh" he said

"Exactly" was what i said as i went to drift off to sleep............


I woke up to the Sound of a human idiot trying to Quickscope others in Competitive with the Scar 20 (such a great sound to wake up to......)

"Brendan, can you atleast Duct tape your mouth closed While you fail at CS GO? it would be such a relieve to my sleep schedule" i said to brendan as he got Rekt by a UMP-45 User

"Wally STFU your the one who stayed up partying! now go away you little faggot" Brendan said in hostility

"ALRIGHT FINE YOU CASUAL" I screamed at him, Picking up my equipment, going upstairs to go and Fish on the skydeck

my stomach wasn't prepare for seeing the sight of...... Milotic And Wallace kiss!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I threw up out onto the water As i questioned if i should've stayed with brendan.

WALLACE?? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" I said as i regretted to record that moment to black mail wallace whenever i have to.

"Wallace and milotic are a couple now..." Steven The silver haired dreamboat said to me as my Lower Jaw dropped from my skull and i had to have it surgically repaired.

"I SWEAR IM GOING TO CALL THE NON EXISTENT POLICE FORCE WHEN I GET HOME" I said unknowingly that pokemon marriage was legalized in hoenn Until wallace told me

"Uh I'm sorry wallace for yelling stuff offensive to you and Milotic, please forgive me" i said seriously

"hmm Apology Accepted" Wallace told me as he gave me a IRL AWP!?!?!?!?!?! "well I'm gonna need this for later" i thought to myself as i Thanked wallace and left to fish

*19 Hours Later*

It Was Getting dark.....

I was very concentrated into Fishing for thee very best, liek nu wun evar waz!.......................................

"HELLO WALLY HOW YOU DOING? SUCKING AT FISHING???" Brendan said to me mockingly as i was very surprised from his sudden appearance

"WHAT THE FUCK BREN- WHOW WHAAAAAAAAAA" those were the last words i said before falling into the Cold, Cold, Cold Waters below


I thought my MLG life ended there

"Its all Ogre now"

Suddenly, A Pokemon then swam under, Bumped its head against My back, Swam me to The deck and Threw me on top

"Good Work milotic! Return!" Wallace said as mitotic let out a Cry

"Are you ok young lad?" Wallace said to me as i was coughing up water......

"Are you ok... Young lad?" Wallace said, those were the last words i heard before i faint on the Deck From exhaustion........

CHAPTER 3 (what the hell am i doing with my life.....)

I woke Up in The Ferries Emergency Room..... Wallace left me a note saying that That i have a broken leg but he did got permission from the doctor on board to return me back to my cabin in a few minutes.

"A few minutes? he would have to know wh- Huh oh hi!"

I said as Wallace arrive to assist me to my room. "Are you feeling better lad?" Wallace said to me. "uh yeah I'm ok..." i lied And thought to myself "why is he so nice to me?". I thought he would just assist me but he just  carried me to my room...

I never known he was this strong (although I'm not that heavy so maybe thats why). he then left me onto my room and told me his farewell and he left (presumably to take care of other important stuff)

I went onto my bed, took out my laptop from my backpack and Started Up Steam

2 Hours passed by of me playing transform ice.

It was Usually quite.... too quite...... After that i heard the brendan was upstairs i immediality Grabbed his Backpack to see what he had (I'm guessing he did the same to me when i was gone)

"Alright, time to see what this Asshole hid in his backpa-" I Immediately got a nosebleed from what i found, no i did not find his hidden stash of hentai, i found.... well that AND his Pringles!

"SCORE" I Said out loud to myself as now i binged on some pringles (hey! it was a while since i ate!) But then i heard the Sound of a lock opening

"Shit, im screwed!" i thought in my head as now he's obiously going to get real angry at me........

"WALLY! u cheeky scrublord! gib me my pringles back!" brendan said in a demanding voice, almost threating....

"why should i give it back you asshole!"  I said to him in defense, Not knowing that my Duffel was nearby to him.

I thought of Taking his backpack and leaving until he said he's holding my duffel for ransom. I would've never guessed of how this would all lead me to something else latter on......

Brendan then took my duffel and locked himself in the bathroom to investigate what i had store i  there, "please for the love of good don't torture my doritos" were the thoughts i said to myself.....

"Ohhhhh Doritos? my snack now!" Brendan said, Basically torture to my ears.then the most unholy thing happened "Ohhhh huehuehuehue time to show this to Wallace! i knew you weren't the squeaky clean one after all!" he found my stash of Milotic hentai

"NO BRENDAN NOOOOO!" I shouted, trying to change his heart



"Hahaha thank you" was i said as i exited out of one of the 3 shops on board. I suddenly Received a Text message from... Brendan?

"Whats he doi-" i stopped as i opened the attachments, revealing what wally keep in his duffel bag but instead of going to wally and scolding him, i decided to call him up to let him know of what errands i need him to do for me

"Hhhello this is wwwally....... What? wallace I'm deeply sorry for what my roommate done, i hope that you didnt suffer mental trauma!"

"Oh no wally, this isn't something about that, so i need someone to look after my milotic as i Am gone to go and hang out with the other gym leaders, do you think that you can prefer this task?"

"Uhhhh okkk" wally stuttered

"Thank you, meet me at my room in 3 hours" I said to wally


Why would he choose me? Did he just choose me by random? or is there something more deeper to why he choose me.

Was it because i was Cool? if you consider people with asthma cool then maybe, Or because i was attractive enough to be able to calm down milotic? NO! stupid brain stop thinking about that!


I arrived at Wallaces room, it was Quite big! Even with a swimming pool! How could he afford this?

"Alright! ill be back At 11:59 PM". "Fell free to eat the Dinner that i prepared just for you!" wallace as he left out for the door but paused. "AND WHATEVER YOU DO! Don't go into the pool with milotic! got that? good!" He said as he left.

"Well, time to play some cs go" I thought as i plopped myself onto the table to eat some cake that wallace prepared for me.

CHAPTER 4 (wally gets Mouth-raped by a Milotic )

It Was 10;15 PM, 7 hours since wallace left, i relized that i should've fed Milotic by now! but i remembered that i was told not to go in with milotic the pool

"Nah! I'm guessing he was joking!" I thought foolishly to myself. not expecting what will happen. I Changed into My swim trunks and jumped into the waters.

"Huh? "Guess he was joking after all!" I said to myself Not knowing something deep into the waters. I started to fool around in the waters, Splashing invisible stuff, taking jumps off the diving board, Diving to the bottom although failing lots of times.

"Ahhhh Life is great...." I said to myself as i relaxed while floating on my back

Well, its almost 11:25 so i decided to swim out of the pool unknowingly that something was following me......

As soon as i Reach the stairwell, something Grabbed me by my Ankle

"HUH? EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!" I screams as i was dragged to the bottom of the pool. Wallace was right.... i should've listened to him instead of ignoring him and taking a plunge into the pool

"Flurbflurbflurbflurbflurbflurb" I said as i spotted milotic as it mouth-raped me "brirklwermewni"

Milotics Tongue was rough like sandpaper while its saliva was tasting Salty. Then as when i thought Milotic letted me off, it pull the string in frount of my swimtunks

I had a few moments where i gagged and almost Threw up but i were to post that, i wouldve been Beaten up by wallace if he ever found out about this all.

Luckly, Milotic Letted me go but the mental trauma was already done... And just in time when Wallace came back From his Party.

"Hello Wally!" "So How was your stay?" Wallace Asked me

"Uhhhh fine........." I lied to Wallace

"Mhmm Ok!" "see ya tommorow Wally and thanks for looking over for my milotic!" Wallace said cheerfully

"Bbbye Wallace" I said to him as i left to rush back to my room

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Wallys Adventure MLG Edition [360 Drain punch] [720 Close Combat] [Leaf Blade OP] [Swords Dance like a pro!] Empty Re: Wallys Adventure MLG Edition [360 Drain punch] [720 Close Combat] [Leaf Blade OP] [Swords Dance like a pro!]

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Chapter 5: FINALLY OFF THE BOAT!!!!!

*4 days later after chapter 4*
"Brendan! where are my socks!" I said as i scurried furiously for my socks

"I don't know faggot" was all he responded with

"Brendan! get off your ass and ind my socks!" I yiffed at him

"Fuck off furfag" Brendan said

"UGGGGGGH" Was all i could say as i just putted on my sandals and walked out the door


I saw as wally just steamed out the door with rage, now i had the place to myself!

"Time to play some TF2" I whispered to myself


"DEKJLCMNKUUXJ,CLMUW" I raged in the outbox as i ha been scammed...

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