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Post by Ruby Rose[Red] on Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:57 pm

Have a FNAF fanfic? post it here! Here's part of mine :]

(FNAF fanfic)
The Puppet's Hatred Part 1:
Hello there,I am the Puppet.I used to be human like you,but the Impostor took my life.I used to not be hateful towards anyone, but things have changed now.Now nothing can stop my hatred towards adults,or security guards,or that Impostor!
But I assume you don't know about the Impostor,or why I hate him so.Allow me to share my story of hate and revenge.
First let us start when I was still a human boy,just only eight years old at the time.It was my Birthday and my mother took me and a few of my 'friends' to Fredbear's Diner.A lovely little restaurant with a single bear animatronic named Freddy(hence the name Fredbear's Diner) who would server children cake for Birthdays.It was a small place but nice place for children to go to.Anyways,my mother took us to the diner.But she had to go into the kitchen because she worked here as a cook.You see it was just me and my mother living together,my father died before I was born.Mother works here because cooking was the only thing she knew how to do,besides cleaning.It was tough living, since we were poor,but I remember not caring about that because the only thing that mattered to me was my mother.I remember feeling love for my mother and caring about her,but those feelings were taken away.
When we arrived at Fredbear's Diner,me and my 'friends' had fun at first,running around outside the diner.But then it was time for cake.Everyone ran inside and waited for Freddy to come bye with the cake.I was excited at first,but then I heard a loud crashing noise and shouts from the kitchen.I turn to see broken plate shards scattered across the floor with my mother on her knees,trying to clean it up.I noticed that her arm was bleeding so I started to walk towards her.She looked up at me,"NO! Don't come closer,sweetie.Mommy is fine,just had a little spill." I stopped and looked at her,full of grief.Then mother's boss stormed up to her,"What is this?!This is the second time this week!" He yelled.Mother looked down full of embarrassment,she was quite a clumsy person."I'm sorry sir,it won't happen again." "Hmph!You're right about that,because this is your last day here!" He snorted,then turned around and left my mother on the floor with the broken plates.Mother,with a weak smile and a few tears running down her face,looked up at me."Don't worry,everything will be alright.Go eat some cake,it's your birthday today.Go enjoy it." I wanted to go to her,but I instead turned around to get some cake.I walked up to Freddy,waiting to receive some cake.But then someone pushed me down and fell on a plate shard.I looked up to see one of my 'friends' who also was the bully at my school(the only reason why he got invited was because he said he'd pound me if I didn't invite him).He look down at me and sneered,"That piece of cake is mine!"I felt pain in my arm where I landed on the plate shard.I looked at it and seen blood going down my arm."What's the matter?You gonna go cry to Momma?" He laughed,with the other kids joining in.I wanted to go to my mother but she had enough to worry about right now.So I run out side and sit near the front door,tears pouring down my face.I probably sat there for 15 minutes until a car drove up to me.The car stopped and a man dressed in purple stepped out.....

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