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Post by GoldMan27 on Wed Oct 22, 2014 5:48 pm

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Seedy PG3D Forum! Although this place is more laid-back than the main forum, we do still have a few laws we need to reinforce over here.

  • No spamming. This includes threads, posts, advertising, etc. If you are caught spamming, you will receive a message stating that you must cease further action. Resistance in this matter may be met with a ban.
  • Post topics/posts where they should be posted. In other words, don't post about donkeys in General Discussion, because General Discussion is meant for generic discussion, and donkeys aren't quite generic (unless this is a farming forum, which it is not). Irrelevant threads or posts will be moved or removed, depending on the situation.
  • Caps Lock is NOT cruise control for cool, and 13375p33k will not make you popular. We use a language called "English" on here. Please do you best to be grammatically correct while posting here. (Users who need to use translators are exempt from this law, because translators are never 100% accurate.) Nonetheless, resistance to this law may be met with a ban.
  • Swearing and flaming are permitted. Unlike the main forum (where swearing and flaming NOT permitted), this forum will allow such behavior. Because its the Seedy PG3D forum, not the Pixel Gun 3D Forums. (On that note, Seedy PG3D does not take responsibility for any mental trauma/issues ensued due to users recklessness. This is a free place, you are free to join if you wish.)
  • Multi-posting may be regarded as a severe crime on the main forum, however we are more laid-back here. We will permit posting twice in a row, however posts after that will be removed/merged.
  • Although I may allow for more freedom here, we still do not permit any sexual/pornographic imagery posted on the forum. Such posts will be met with severe punishment.
  • Do not let the overwhelming stack of rules dumb you down. This is a laid-back forum! We do as we please (as long as it complies with forum law), so go ahead and have fun already!

NOTE: Seedy PG3D does not take any responsibility for injuries sustained by users, either mental or physical. This place is very laid-back, so it would not surprise me if some users get their feelings hurt here. The forum is very "user beware" based on this, in other words: USERS SIGN UP AT YOUR OWN RISK.

That is all.

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